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The best massage and body rub in Charleston

While you can think of going on a weekend get away from the city, you have to think about the stress you will go through to get out of the city, mainly if you are living in the inner city, and when you finally decide it's time to come back, that can put you off. So, therefore, thinking of getting an hour or two of spa treatments is not a bad idea.

Most of our daily routine means that many people must be stressed out most of the time. People living in Charleston are always on the move, so you can understand what the rush looks like for people living in Charleston. The stress and work that goes into going around Charleston itself is no joke, while it takes a lot of effort to live and work in the city. Therefore you must give yourself some time to give your body a good pampering, and what better way to do that than through massages.

Now let's get into each of these different massages and give you a brief understand understanding of what you stand to gain from them.

Happy ending massage

If you are looking for a happy ending massage in Charleston, then you have to ensure that it is legal in the place you want to get it. A happy ending massage is exactly what it means, getting an orgasm at the end of the massage.

Nuru Massage

This is a form of massage. This is more of an erotic massage; it has its origin in Japan. The masseuse is allowed to use their entire body while massaging a client. This means that this type of massage allows more bodily contact; if you are looking for a Nuru massage in Charleston, you can be sure to find one.

Body to Body Massage

This type of massage is similar to an erotic massage, but not the same. This massage is performed using the hand and the whole body. It is of eastern and western origin; it is seen as art from effective physical therapy. You will be able to find a body-to-body massage in Charleston.

Erotic massage

This is entirely an erotic massage, just as the name implied. This massage is mostly done to stimulate the libido, it is of eastern origin, and it is seen as art from effective physical therapy. You will be able to find an EroticMassage in Charleston.

In-call massage

These two forms of massage that you get in the massage therapist space like their salon and clinic. You can find different in-call massage centers and clinics around charleston.

Out-call massage

The out-call massages take place at your place of choice. You can choose a different location within Charleston for such massage, including your home, office, hotels, and many more. But you have to first find out if the therapist offers such services.


Massage is a great way to relax the body; it is what most people deserve after having a tiring week. People living in Charleston are precisely what can be called busy all day and night. There are different massage parlors and specialists in Charleston. Whichever type of massage you want to get, I am sure you will find what you want. 

Frequently asked questions

What should be my expectation for my first massage therapy?

The first of anything is always filled with questions unanswered. But there is nothing so suppressing when going for your first massage. The therapist will ask you a few questions to understand the areas you would like to work on. They will also try to understand if there are conditions that they need to be aware of to know if the massage is appropriate for them.

Is the body-to-body massage right for me?

Body-to-body massage, as described above, is a form of erotic massage technique; Furthermore, you and your therapist will discuss which technique is right based on your provided information.

Can I talk during Nuru's massage?

You can sure go ahead if you would like to talk during the massage therapy, but just understand that you are there for massage to help you relax, so the therapist always advises that you stay relaxed.

How long will an In-call massage treatment last?

In-call massage and most other massages don't take so much time, and you can as well arrive like few minutes before your session starts so that you can relax and be ready on your table so that there won't be any interruption.

How often can I get an erotic massage?

It depends on the situation or reason that takes you into massage therapy. If you are only looking for relaxation, going once a week in four weeks can be alright. However, if you have a condition you are treating, you might have to go more often.

When should I avoid massages?

If you are in a situation with a skin condition, flu, or fever, then it is better to avoid any type of massage.

What's the feeling like after having a massage?

The feelings are also very different for everyone, and some will feel relieved from a pain they have been experiencing for a long time, while some will feel energetic, some people also feel a slow system for some days, and then they pick up fast. The experience is unique.

Are there out-call massage therapists in Charleston?

Of course, you will find out-call massage therapists in Charleston; by simply searching online, you will find different therapists and offers. However, since you are inviting them, ensure that they have a very high and good review on their pages before making such decisions.

Can I find all types of massage therapists in Charleston?

You can find different types of massage therapists in Charleston; doing a little search and asking the right people will point you in the right direction.

Are there any educational sessions before massages?

You get educated reading articles; for instance, this article has given you more information about massages in Charleston. However, you can always ask the therapist some questions to get more information.

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